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Medicine is evolving at accelerating speeds, and HCPs must stay current with the latest advancements. Our aim is to deliver the most recent, credible and important medical knowledge, information and continuous education, improving the quality of care and translating to better health.  The same holds true for patients…because a better informed patient is a healthier patient.

Technological information has exploded worldwide and data collection—especially focused on online platforms—is growing exponentially. At CCM, we capitalize on the use of big data… from predictive analytics to behavioral analytics. We use exclusive methods to create extra, real and intrinsic value by developing a program-based algorithm that draws on the response of your target audience through deep-learning, tailor-made content that boosts and supports the HCP’s clinical facts.

Our vision is changing the healthcare industry from a robotic process automation to intelligent process automation, so we can help healthcare workers practice medicine in the most effective way.

Hidden Accordion Content

Available in print and online, with a dynamic multi-channel cascading strategy including live and web events

  • Self-Assessment Programs
  • Online Courses
  • University Programs
  • Pharmacist Commercial and Medical Educational Programs
  • Nurses Educational Programs

Include a dynamic multi-channel cascading strategy

  • Society Annual Meetings
  • International Congress Reports
  • eNewsletters
  • eAlerts
  • Updates
  • Current Views Journal
  • Global Medical Clusters
  • Journal Subscriptions
  • eBooks
  • Educational Lectures
  • Case-based Webinars
  • Journal Club Editorial Board (new release!)
  • Hands-on Grand Rounds Engagement (new release!)
  • Master Classes
  • Advisory Board
  • eMEMI
  • Drug Interaction Apps (Drug-Drug, Drug-Vitamins, Drug-Solar, Drug-Pathogens, Drug-Food)

Mobile, Online, Print

  • Booklet Maker App
  • Poster Maker App
  • Brochure Maker App
  • Flip Chart App  
  • Tear Off Pads App
  • Medical Image Bank
  • Social Media
  • Tear Off Pads
  • Flipcharts
  • Mobile Aids
  • Display Boxes
  • 3D Anatomical Boxes
  • Magic Cards


  • Mobile, Online, Print
  • Drive App
  • Quick Reference Guides App
  • Mini-Atlas App
  • Medical Risk Assessment Apps (cardio risk, cancer risk, ED risk, etc.)
  • Medical Rulers App

Mobile, Online, Video and Print

  • General Awareness
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Living with the Condition
  • Health-related Action Plan
  • Brain Teasers
  • Exercise Safely
  • Nutrition
  • Travelling With…
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Family Support
  • Patient Compliance Apps
  • Patient Videos 2D, 3D and Liquid Animation
  • Patient Journey Road Map

For use by HCPs

  • HCP Medical Content Resources
  • Social Media Medical Content Management Platform
  • Doctor Patient Experience
  • Doctor Patient Multimedia Engagement
  • Educational Videos
  • Mobile and Web Apps
  • Journal Club Editorial Board Virtual/Physical Engagement

Are you ready to inspire change?

CCM collaborates with the world’s leading medical societies and universities to offer medical publishing and education solutions for all therapeutic categories. CCM is a fully accredited AACME provider.